Porn Poll 2013

We did a poll early in 2012 to get some feedback about what kind of adult videos women were looking for, and it was very successful. We had over 100 voters (after starting in late 2011) and we were able to make changes to our selection. Now we are getting around 1,000 views daily, so we hope this year's poll will do an even better job at finding the porn that women want.

We take your opinion seriously. Content on this site will change to match the poll results. 

Please only complete the poll if you are a female. It is located in the box on the right.

The poll will be open until the end of January. Thanks for helping us make the blog better!

Bound and She Likes It

Have you read Shades of Grey?

Public Dogging

Massage Turns to Sex

Preliminary Poll Results

There is still some time left on our first ever content poll, but the results so far have shown some preferences.

Three categories lead the pack by a significant margin:
1. Heterosexual Sex
2. Intimate Sex
3. Female Orgasms

There are several categories that are within a few votes of each other for 4th place:
4. Females Masturbating
5. Lesbian Sex
6. Males Masturbating
7. Big Dicks
8. Group Sex
9. Homemade Porn

Notably "Blowjob Porn" is the last on the list and is in last place. Conversely, "Heterosexual Sex" is the first on the list and is in first place.

The content poll will stay open for a little longer, but the content on this blog will begin to reflect the results of the poll starting now. That means more videos of men masturbating and less videos of women squirting, for example. This summer we will have another content poll to make sure this site accurately reflects the adult videos that women want to watch.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the current poll or future polls, please feel free to post a comment to this entry.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the poll. Enjoy.

Intimate Sex Scene

Young Stud Masturbates and Cums All Over

College Couple Homemade Video

Morning Ritual

Making Women Orgasm

Amateur Squirting

How to squirt: First, you need to be totally relaxed. If you have a partner, start with a massage. Second, you need to be OK with the idea of squirting and making a mess. If you're worried about the mess, it won't work. Then, while masturbating, keep stimulating your G-spot and when you start to orgasm take everything out of your pussy so you can squirt. Most women like to stimulate their clit once they start squirting.

Not every woman will squirt. They key is good blood flow (which is also why the massage is important). Masturbating after working out is a good idea.

Mutual Pleasure

Asian Girl Masturbates Watching Porn

Massage Turns into Sex